players from the bitcoin sector are expected in Bangui

The Central African Republic adopted bitcoin as a legal tender on April 22. It is the second country in the world to be taken after El Salvador. This initiative is of interest to bitcoin players. It is in this context that a dozen actors in the sector will travel to Bangui in the coming days at the invitation of the Central African authorities. The invitation specifically mentions participation in a conference debate.

At the head of this delegation, Sébastien Gouspillou. He is president of the BigBlock green service. He already gives advice to El Salvador. The magazine Les Echos describes him as one of the biggest players in European mining.

“There is no commercial intention in our approach, there is indeed a group of international bitcoiners who see that this country declares itself to have bitcoin as a legal tender and who want to help make it a success for everyone. Because if it is a failure for our ecosystem is not good, it is a bad signal, we are going there, we are looking at what the country is like, what the leaders’ intentions are and we will see if we insist on giving them all possible help.

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The team hopes that their insights can avoid the trap of fraudsters “fraudsters” in the language.

The challenges are many: a very underdeveloped electricity network, a weak development of the Internet network … ”We actually have to decide how we can make this possible. We are trying to see how we can ensure that this population or at least those who are already equipped with a smartphone can exchange via the lightening network. We need to think about relay antennas, in order to work on the telephone network and not on the Internet network.

But for Sébastien Gouspillou, the country also offers opportunities. “The hydropower potential is important, we can finally think about creating these power plants that are missing in the country by financing them through bitcoin mining. It is an idea that can very easily make sense.”

Exchanges are planned with the authorities but also the country’s traders.

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