opposition party Democrats renew Guy Nzouba

One year after the next presidential election in Gabon, 2023, the great political maneuvers begin. On Saturday, July 2, the Democrats, the largest opposition party, organized its first regular congress in Libreville. Delegates reappointed incumbent President Guy Nzouba Ndama, a former speaker of Gabon’s National Assembly for more than 20 years but then joined the opposition in 2016.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

Elected unanimously and by show of hands, Guy Nzouba Ndamaraged against the ruling Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG), which stole its ministers for ministerial posts:

“They want to destroy us, they want to weaken us. The CEO thinks he is weakening us, but he himself is weakening. Because the militants in Gabon’s democratic party are asking themselves a thousand and one questions: what are they for?

In the case of elected representatives, his party the Democrats is Gabon’s second political force with 10 deputies and 4 senators. Guy Nzouba Ndama indicated that he will henceforth devote himself to establishing his party throughout the country: “Establishing the party wherever necessary. This is what the militants have entrusted to me as a primary responsibility.”

The activists are proud to have reappointed a heavyweight at the head of their party: “We are very happy because things will soon change. It is necessary that a president of this position can increase things. And he is the one we have chosen “, concludes one. “I am very happy, because the Gabonese are still behind him at the moment,” continues another activist.

Guy Nzouba Ndama leaves room for doubt and announces nothing about his possible candidacy for president next year.

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