On the front page of the press in Kinshasa


Consultations for a Holy Nation of the Union … Several newspapers in Kinshasa are commenting this week on possible conclusions or speculating on their results.

Under the headline “Assume divorce or temperament”, the daily newspaper Le Potentiel writes that Félix Antoine Tshisekedi will have to make a choice at the end of the Palais de la Nation’s consultation, which, according to the newspaper, is facing strong tensions with its allies in the FCC. For this daily, the fifth president of the DRC is investing in a high strategy and has recreated high expectations among the population. Expectations that are perceived in consultations where everyone advocates turning the page to a “coalition in power that does nothing but dig a deep ditch with the population”. Le Potentiel is waiting for the president of the republic to announce and “bravely accept the crime”, for, the daily continues: “Pouring in half measures to survive a conflict-producing coalition will undoubtedly create popular disappointment”.

Two weeks of Le Maximum, on the other hand, provide “Kabila’s position” in this search for “Reconfiguration of Parliament’s majority”. In support of the idea of ​​the announced recomposition of the parliamentary majority following the December 2018 election of the President of the Republic, this newspaper claims, I quote that ” today from his predecessor Joseph Kabila ”. And Le Maximum, close to the FCC, to reveal: “According to the members of his inner circle, Kabila is furious and ready for any eventuality, regardless of cost.”

The ultimate battle for the conquest of power between Félix Tshisekedi and Joseph Kabila … It’s in daily Le Phare. Wounded in his self-esteem, Joseph Kabila sees the sky fall on his head, this newspaper says. And to continue: “The man who expresses himself a little, becomes more talkative than ever. This simply shows that the man seems egocentric, the other’s interest is not his thing, we can still read in this correspondence. And Le Phare estimates in his columns: “Joseph Kabila is in a weak position and plans to save plans for Felix Tshisekedi to be ousted from the presidency. ”

Finally, in the weekly newspaper The Post: “Can a Malian scenario be downloaded in the DRC? The newspaper is concerned about the “permanent difference between Félix Tshisekedi and Joseph Kabila, who according to colleagues from The Post strongly divides the Congolese army”. These colleagues are experiencing a rift within the DRC’s armed forces between loyalty to the current head of state and a constant loyalty to former President Kabila. The weekly evokes the “surprising press conference” on November 12, where, according to The Post, “Army spokesman General Léon Richard Kasonga delivered an astonishing act of balance, as a reminder of the FARDC’s loyalty to institutions, warning of internal criticism on social networks. and issued a warning to politicians who want to use the army … ”


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