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The camp of former President Joseph Kabila is back on the offensive in the National Assembly after the start amid controversy at the extraordinary session. Deputies, who remained loyal to the former head of state, on Tuesday filed petitions against the three members who make up the temporary office set up since Jeanine Mabunda’s fall last December. Conversely, the Tshisekedi camp condemns maneuvers to block the assembly’s function.

With our Kinshasa correspondent, Pascal Mulegwa

The petitions did not reach 140 signatures, while the pro-Kabila coalition still claims to have a majority despite the rapprochement of many of its elected officials with President Félix Tshisekedi.

The office of eldest member Mboso Nkodia as chairman is accused of “opacity” for the management of the finances of the National Assembly, violation of the Constitution, laws and internal rules of the lower house.

More specifically to the young Quaestor, Aminata Namasiya, “suspicion of financial embezzlement in complicity with the President of the Age Bureau”. The suspicion is based on the $ 12 million budget required for the 30-day session.

The Senior Citizens’ Office also violated the decision of the Constitutional Court to extend its mandate, according to the petitioners, by including parliamentary scrutiny among the cases to be considered during the extraordinary session.

Pro-Kabila suspects the preparation of a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga and his government. Faced with these allegations, the Provisional Office assessed in a statement that they were not only false, but that no statutory provisions provided for the examination of petitions for his dismissal.

Member of Parliament and President of the Presidential Party Peter Kazadi compared Kabila’s FCC to a “drunk boxer”. He “throws himself desperately in all directions in the hope of fatally reaching an opponent stronger than himself,” he said, arguing that the petitions filed constitute a “utopia” or a “non-regulatory procedure.”


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