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In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), authorities remain silent for more than 48 hours after the release of two people convicted of embezzlement of public funds under President Félix Tshisekedi’s so-called “hundred days” program. Human rights NGOs have condemned fraud in the application of the Presidential Decree by the end of the year, which also resulted in well over thieves convicted in the trial of the assassination of former President Laurent-DésiréKabila.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

Who allowed the release of general managers Benjamin Wenga and Modeste Makabuza from the Congolese construction company? On January 10, Justice Minister Bernard Takahishe Ngumbi, contacted by RFI, still had no explanations for what NGOs consider a scandal. Silence also on the side of the Republic presidency. Several caciques from the presidential party, the UDPS, nevertheless believe that the actions that materialized this release are false.

The two men are free of any movement in the capital after nine months of detention. They were sentenced to two and a half and five years of forced labor. The activists are all the more dubious, as the decree excludes any forgiveness from the president for “embezzlement of public funds”, and the names of the two prisoners do not appear on the list of pardons.

The third convicted in the same case called “the hundred days”, Fulgence Bamaros, head of the National Road Maintenance Fund (FONER) was ultimately sentenced to five years in prison. His lawyers are surprised and speak of an “injustice”. He remained detained, but on December 28, he requested forgiveness from the president for “documented medical reasons” according to the documents we consulted. His lawyers are hammering home that he has been hospitalized and placed in a ventilator at a private hospital for several days.

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