new killings of rangers in

Virunga Park mourned again on Sunday 10 January. According to the administration of this park in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, six guards were killed in the Rutshuru area by local Mayi-Mayi without further details. What do we know about this attack?

Park guards were on foot patrol between their Nyamilima camp and the town of Nyamitwitwi when they were attacked. It was at 7.30 Sunday a place called Kabuhendo. Olivier Mukisya works for the communication service in Virunga Park. “The attackers came in groups, armed. They attacked a routine patrol and we lost six eco-guards, another is wounded. For now, we can say nothing about the identity of the attackers. But we know that the attack was carried out in a region where there is increased activism by armed groups, “he testified.

On the side of civil society, like the Congolese army, we considered two paths last night. In the area, there are primarily the Rwandan and Congolese Hutu rebels, the FDLR Nyatura coalition, against which the FARDC says they conducted operations two weeks ago.

But there is also hostile Mayi-Mayi groups to the park border. The construction of a fence continues to cause tension with the Nyamilima chief and the peasants who live near Virunga.

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