“Mr Tshisekedi wants Ceni to be paid”

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, following a new deadline granted by the Assembly, the eight denominations on the religious platform responsible for appointing the next president of the Independent National Electoral Commission until midnight on Tuesday, August 17, local time, find a name that makes consensus. The opposition coalition Lamuka wants to make its voice heard.

The work of the Joint Parliamentary Committee, which must validate the election of religious communities and appoint the members of the Ceni, is held without the elected officials of Joseph Kabila’s FCC or those close to Moïse Katumbi. As we can see, the process is experiencing difficulties. It is in this context that the opposition platform Lamuka on Monday 16 August presented its complaints. Its spokesman, Adoplphe Muzito, explains himself.

We are afraid that the institutions will be closed

Adolphe Muzito, Lamuka Coordinator

We are afraid that the institutions will be shut down by Tshisekedi. In addition, it started with the Constitutional Court, whose judges were not respected in the proceedings. And now he wants to do the same at Cenis’ level so that it pays off by appointing men from its political side. That is why we want, so that it does not happen that way, to have a pure Ceni and be handled by religious communities and other civil society forces. We say that we must introduce a law that is neutral, that is apolitical and not overly politicized, so that we can have a good Ceni, and for that there must be a meeting between the stakeholders, namely the FCC, Lamuka, as well as the Holy Union of Tshisekedi, so that the reforms we will implement are consensual. We must learn the lessons of the last 2018 elections, so we must take action now. Faced with the accusation of an attempt to take control of the election process, Christophe Mboso, President of the National Assembly, yesterday defended the so-called Joint Commission responsible for appointing the members of CENI and denied forced passage.

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