Most disabilities caused by injury can

Traffic accidents, conflict-related injuries … The NGO Humanity and Inclusion (formerly Handicap International) estimates that 80% of those injured who develop a permanent disability could have been avoided.

Humanité et Inclusion regrets the fact that almost 80% of victims develop a permanent disability that could have been avoided. In particular in the absence of early treatment: “An injury, for example to the leg, if not taken early enough, there is first of all the risk that there is an infection that becomes common”, and that finally at the time of the lead is an amputation necessary for the patient. And in fact the appearance of a permanent handicap “, explains Charlotte Cosset, from the Africa Department, Vincent Rouvier, Head of Humanity and Inclusion in central African Republic.

In the Central African Republic, the NGO works in Bambari where it provides functional and physical rehabilitation after surgical operations so that the injured can recover as much as possible. She also provides psychological care for the injured.

More “shot and violence-related wounds” Lack of follow-up after patient is also a factor. “The second situation is really a patient who is taken care of early enough, but who due to lack of rehabilitation after his surgery does not restore all his functionality and develops a disability that he will retain for life,” he adds.

Among the main causes of injuries are traffic accidents. “But we now see more gunshot wounds or violence-related injuries“, Notes Mr. Rouvier.

Since October, the voluntary organization has taken care of about 1,000 people. A figure “important” welcomes the director who indicates that patients come either from Bambari, or from the surrounding cities when referred by other health infrastructures.


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