more than 2,000 candidates campaigning for the parliamentary elections

The legislative and local election campaign, scheduled for July 10, began on Friday, June 24, throughout Congolese territory. 151 seats to be filled President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s Congolese Workers’ Party (PCT) has 101 seats in the outgoing assembly, compared to only eight for UPADS, the leading opposition party. These two parties are participating in the election with their allies, while part of the opposition is demanding a boycott.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

Talangai’s mortuary wall now looks like a bulletin board; the candidates have posted their pictures there. They also occupy the site of the Moungali roundabout’s obelisk.

The candidates for the Congolese Workers’ Party (PCT, in power) are ubiquitous, you have to see them big. Today we have 101 deputies and if we show the ambitions to have 101 and something, it is only normal “, motivates Parfait Iloki, spokesman for this formation.

Party of the majority, the Union for the Republic (UR) has only one representative, the former journalist Joseph Bitala Bitemo. amalgam and separate the chaff from the wheat. This is the role of the deputy, he says.

The Union of Humanist Democrats (UDH-Yuki) of the late opponent Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas has a large list, according to its deputy communications manager, Diop Mahouckouss: “We believe that politics with the empty seat does not pay off”, he shouts

On the other hand, the Federation for the Congolese Opposition by Clément Miérassa did not present any list. “We are simply telling the Congolese that the opposition federation has chosen to boycott these elections,” Miérassa said emphatically.

The election campaign ends on July 8.

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