members of armed groups dissatisfied that they can not be paid


In Bangui, this Friday, November 20, members of armed groups, members of the Advisory and Monitoring Committee (CCS) for Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration, Home Transport (DDRR), expressed their dissatisfaction with the DDRR Ministry. The blocked authorities spent a few hours in their offices demanding their unpaid compensation.

Palms are hung at the entrance to the ministry, the offices are closed. Jean-Rock Soubi, FDPC and member of the DDRR’s Advisory and Monitoring Committee: “If you see us in this ministry, just claim our allowances for a total of eight months. What made us block, close the great gate that you see with the ministers. A lot of dissatisfaction, that is why we are obliged to demonstrate so that our rights are truly respected. ”

Célestin Gamare from RJ Bellanga: “We have asked several times, the government has not paid, and that is why we decided to go out and block the members of the government. Today of the eight months they paid us two months ”. Abakar Larry Mahalba, Vice President of CCS, assures that the situation is normalizing: “We have a cash flow tension and the government has done what is necessary. It’s a delay, it’s a matter of organization and what has been resolved and therefore we will try to activate things because DDRR is in its irreversible phase. the government has already done what is necessary and that is what we are going to activate. I believe that there is a communication on monitoring that exists and the rest will be done within the framework of the republic. ”

About ten days ago, it was the elements of the DDRR that were integrated into the special mixed security units that went on strike in Paoua and Bouarpour to gain access to the payment of their arrears.


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