Lumumba’s coffin was exhibited in his home village

The relic of Patrice Emery Lumumba, also his spirit, finally rests on his homeland in Sankuru. Since this Tuesday, June 22, in the afternoon, the coffin has been exposed to one of the heroes of Congo’s independence in the middle of his village in Onalua. An important step so that the grief can finally take place 61 years after his murder. The inhabitants came in large numbers to pay tribute to him. Story of this last journey with the Lumumba icon.

With our special correspondent, Paulina Zidi

The main road in the small village of Onalua is completely cut off from traffic. In the middle, now the coffin stands off Patrice Lumumba. Next to it, tents and chairs have been set up to accommodate everyone who wants to pay tribute to him.

Some came from very far And some came from far away, from all over Sankuru province. This is the case with Michel, very moved. He explains to us that given his young age, he did not know Patrice Lumumba, but that he shares his ideas, his social ideal. He is also very touched to see the family of the first prime minister Congolese, his sons Roland and François, but above all the grandchildren. For them, this visit to the village is a first and Yéma, one of the grandchildren, talks about her happiness in finally putting a picture in places she has heard a lot about: “It looks like what I imagined”, she says.

End of the longest grief ever

Michel Kitoko, President of the Patrice-Lumumba Foundation

Tears in the eyes People regularly approach the remains to meditate. Some have tears in their eyes, others smile. An atmosphere of sadness, it is admittedly a bit special, because grief is mixed with a certain joy, that of finally celebrating the national hero to the tunes of drums and traditional songs.

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