lecturers give note of strike

In Gabon, teachers are on strike for three days from Monday. The decision was taken this Saturday, January 9, at the conclusion of a general meeting of the Convention on Trade Unions (Conasysed) held in Libreville. Conasysed filed a strike notice on December 8th. A month later, she believes the government has not responded to the demands of public education.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

Despite the ban on gatherings of more than 30 people, many teachers responded to their union’s appeal. Conasysed urged each teacher to prove their personal claims and to write them down on a list sent to the government on January 20th. Olga Assa was won by this approach.

“I’m in the same class as the one I came back with. Nothing has changed, my salary has not changed in 18 years. “

His colleague Jean-Pierre Boundengui, a primary school teacher for ten years, also filled out his form. “I expect the state to reclassify. I have not been reclassified since 2017. I have progressed since 2014. ”

Since 2014, recruitment, advancement and reclassification have been suspended. The association also calls for the construction of classrooms. After three hours of debate, the strike was voted on with a show of hands. Louis Patrick Mombo, General Delegate of Conasysed.

“The government does not provide concrete solutions to the concerns raised by teachers: recruitments, integrations, employment relationships, automatic advancement, reclassifications after internships, payment of reminders, balances …

The government has not yet responded.


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