Kinshasa and armed groups clash over the reintegration of

Nairobi’s consulting team continues its tour in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Objective: to exchange with as many representatives of rebel groups, militias and other armed movements as possible before the formal resumption of talks. Among the issues of war: the question of the integration into the army of the rebels who would lay down their arms. For Kinshasa, it is no longer an issue, and this creates frustration.

as reported from Nairobi, Florence Morice

“There will be no collective integration of combatants in the national army. It is a red line,” insisted the Congolese Presidency’s Deputy Spokesman, Giscard Kusema. deliver to the armed groups as it asks to lay down its arms.

A message received to varying degrees. “We are disappointed,” said Serge Losa, one of the delegates from Ituri’s Patriotic Resistance Force (FRPI), on Friday, May 20. “This is contrary to the provisions of the agreement signed between 2020,” he lamented, specifying that “under these conditions” the FRPI, which was present three weeks ago in Nairobi, could withdraw from the consultation process.

FRPI’s statement is not isolated. In Nairobi, several representatives of armed groups expressed this desire. Kinshasa claims that these collective reorientations of rebels in the army did not lead to any good in the past. “The people are tired of it,” explains a source at the presidency, not forgetting that the diplomatic, military and financial partners of the DRC are determined to do so.

“If there are refractories,” it is the “military component” that will take care of them, explains this source at the presidency again, referring to the regional force announced in April and whose contours remain to be drawn.

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