Jean Mayani, Lumumba’s Deputy in Parliament,

Jean Mayani was the replacement for Patrice Lumumba in the Parliament of the Eastern Province in 1960. He is alive. At 89 years old, he lives almost abandoned in the eastern suburb of Kinshasa. With Patrice Lumumba’s tooth back in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jean Mayani hopes that the country will return to the ideas advocated by the fathers of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s independence.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

The stick is no longer enough. Jean Mayani needs help to get up. If he has partially lost his hearing, his memory is still intact. He remembers, for example, the municipal and legislative elections of 1958. Lumumba, having elected a seat at the national level, had to leave his provincial seat in Kisangani to his direct supporters. “I who was second after him, I could be the first elected from the eastern province given the votes received in the eastern province.”

He also remembers the difficult times he and other Lumumba comrades experienced during the months and years following the assassination of the DRC’s first prime minister. “After Lumumba’s death, there were all unhappy people who wanted revenge in the protection of politics. They came. They tried to kill me ”. During this attack, he lost 12 of his teeth.

The counselor to his son LumumbaJean Mayani then had a career in territorial administration, and observed with a heavy heart the descent into hell in the country he was fighting for. He remembers the advice he had given Francois Lumumba, one of the sons of the hero of the independence of the Democratic Republic of Congo, when the latter wanted to run in the 2006 parliamentary elections. “Your father’s time is not today. Many things have changed. People chose something else. To be elected, you need corruption ”.

In the meantime, to honor the memory of his friend, he hopes that his name will be on the guest list at the official tributes held in memory of Lumumba.

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