invested presidential candidate Martin Fayulu wants his

After a three-day congress in Kisangani, ECiDé (Commitment to Citizenship and Development) has invested Martin Fayulu as a presidential candidate to be held in 2023. The failed candidate in the 2018 vote that won Félix Tshisekedi is open to alliances.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

Martin Fayulu dreams of revenge against Félix Tshisekedi And despite the controversies surrounding Ceni and the recently issued election law, his party congress has ruled out the boycott. He even asked the party to end alliances with other political formations when the time came.

Speaking, the opponent, white shirt, sleeves rolled up, promised to fight the campaign to win the victory. A victory that, he has never ceased to confirm, was stolen from him in 2018. “I will be the fair and strong president you expect,” he explained. If the election, he will fight “corruption like the plague”. Martin Fayuluse wants to be an actor “at the service of building a state governed by the rule of law, ensuring the sharing of power”. Zero tolerance for corruption and impunity, strengthening security in the eastern part of the country, the opponent spread a taste of his program.

However, Martin Fayulu does not have the support and funds he had in 2018. The Lamuka coalition that carried him has been diluted in the ruling camp. His party will launch a fundraising campaign in the coming days to support his and his legislative candidates’ candidacy.

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