In the spotlight: shadow heroines in the DRC


“March 8, the heroines of the shadows in the DRC”. It is on the front page of the daily newspaper Le Phare that calls for the celebration of International Women’s Day, which has been established since 1977. For this newspaper, the Democratic Republic of Congo is fighting to stand out from the dramatization bequeathed by Marshal Mobutu’s regime. into exhibitionism with canvases, music, beer, skewers … distraction. The real heroines of the shadows develop in the margins of society, they try to translate the strong and challenging theme of women’s autonomy into everyday actions ”.

For Le Phare, “the heroines of the shadows do not need any special credit to develop the country or run small businesses. They perform miracles on a daily basis by caring for their families on a daily basis with limited capital: 50,000 FC, equivalent to 25 US dollars, or even less They are familiar with daily deposits and ask only one thing, to put an end to bureaucracy in urban markets, private ports, on the roads that connect cities with the provinces, on the Congo River and its tributaries. of its regions, ”explains Le Phare.

Every two weeks Le Nouvel Observateur: “The cry of distress from the Congolese living in Ukraine. The escape from the bombings of Russia, they have been living in a real ordeal since February 24 “, the colleagues report to this newspaper. “In the face of the Red Army’s advance and bombing,” states the Le Nouvel Observateur, “several Africans are somehow trying to reach Poland or Hungary. Among these are Africans, Congolese, mostly scholarship students in Ukraine.”

On the same subject, Le Maximum, another biweekly, talks about the consequences for the Democratic Republic of Congo. “In addition to the arduous repatriation of Congolese citizens to Ukraine, widely commented on due to the discrimination suffered by many of them from the Ukrainian and European security services, the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo will have to do without the contingent of” Ukraine “The decision to restore its 250 blue helmets deployed in the DRC was communicated on March 8 to the UN by Kyiv.” “When the Ukrainians leave the Democratic Republic of Congo with their equipment, Monusco has committed itself to preparing to minimize the effects of this stable in peacekeeping operations,” Le Maximum wrote.

The post, finally. This weekly newspaper talks about the Pope’s trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo next July. The brothers announce that “on this occasion, the Pope will inaugurate the largest cathedral in the country in Goma. Pope Francis will undoubtedly hold discussions with political and religious authorities in the country,” concludes The Post.


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