in opposition to the introduction of an international vaccine reserve

By ordering 500,000 doses of the Ebola vaccine, Gavi Vaccine Alliance intends to build a stockpile to deal with any recurrence of the disease.

Pre-qualified by the WHO in November 2019, approved in the wake of the major health agencies, Ervebo, the anti-Ebola vaccine developed by the Merck laboratory has already been administered to over 300,000 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries.

He played his part in coming to terms with the epidemic that hit the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri until June last year.

With the creation of this stock of 500,000 doses,Gavi Vaccine Alliancethus intends to address future crises. These reserves will still take a few years to build up, but they will then be made available free of charge to countries that need them if the virus reappears.

Several other vaccines against Ebola is under development, including one developed by the Johnson & Johnson Laboratory approved in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, it is not yet pre-qualified by the WHO, but may be part of the stocks made up of Gavi once this phase is completed.


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