in Haut Katanga, the authorities want

In the Katanga region, most children work either in mining sites or in informal trade. This is an obstacle to their education. To deal with this, the provincial government of Haut Katanga has just set up the committee to combat the worst forms of child labor in order to bring these children back to school.

as reported from Lubumbashi, Denise maheho

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, 41% of children from poor families work, according to the UNICEF report. But in the Katanga region, the social services know that many of these children may be even more important today as some families are affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Around Lubumbashi’s central market, packaging with water, sweet drinks or vegetables in their heads, dozens of girls are looking for customers. The boys handle or sell bags. Their age varies between 7 and 14 years. Cedric, 11, sells bags.

“I arrive here at 8 am and leave at 6 pm. I carry out this activity to raise the money required to enter the school, because this year I could not study; the rest of the money is used to buy food. ”

In the province of Haut Katanga, the worst forms of child labor are registered at mining sites, gravel quarries and informal trade, the province’s Minister of Social Affairs acknowledges. Angeline Kyungu intends to protect children. She launches this awareness Saturday in the Kipushi gravel quarries 30 km from Lubumbashi.

“There are even parents there who are accompanied by their children. These parents make their children work and it is as if they do not care. We want these parents to understand that the child’s place is in school. Basic education is free so they can take the children and they do not have to pay anything. “

The committee’s first task created by the provincial government will be to identify minors working in the worst forms of child labor. There are currently no reliable data available on this issue.


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