In Chad, the allies of the patriotic movement of

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About forty political parties confirmed their alliance with the Patriotic Salvation Movement (MPS), the party founded by Idriss Déby Itno, during a press conference on Tuesday, June 29. A strong support for this party which remained in power for 30 years and which now has to reconsider its strategy without its founders. Other allies surrendered, however.

as reported from Ndjamena,Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

If it is still too early to talk about a presidential election, there is no doubt that the political parties are beginning to position themselves on the new political stage. Is MPS released by its allies? This is the question from some observers in N’Djamena.

Forty of the hundreds of parties allied with the old majority responded. The alliance is maintained.

“We are not just friends when we are happy,” said Kassiré Coumakoye, president of the Viva RNDP party and loyal from the start. When you are true friends, you can share the pain with the leader. We will continue our discussion with him. We can not let go. We know where Chad’s interest lies. ”

Political groupings

Radio silence, on the other hand, for more than half of the allied parties. Some are creating political groups. For Ahmat Djidda Mahamat Albachir of the Alwihda party, after the presidential election, the coalition to support Idriss Déby Itno must rethink.

“In principle, we are not against an alliance with anyone. But really, it deserves a little thought with our base. We must also respect their ambition. So if they ask us questions like, “What are you doing with this alliance?” Or: “What should it be used for?”, We do not think about it and jump back again and see that there are other ways to make alliances? ”

On the side of the MPS, Jean Bernard Padaré, the party’s spokesman, is calm and confirms that the base consists of parties loyal to the memory of President Déby are still solid.

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