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In the Central African Republic, the main supply route from Cameroon is still blocked, creating tensions in the supply of Bangui, but also other cities on the axis, such as Bouar. Humanitarian needs are important there after the fighting on 9 and 17 January. The supply of various products, especially medical products, is complicated by the security crisis.

with our special correspondent in Bouar,Charlotte Cosset

“Amoxicillin, at the moment we have no …”

Father Perfect is on the phone with MSF. He is a nurse in Saint-Laurent, where he runs a small counseling center for displaced people, open since the fighting in early January, but stocks are struggling to keep up …

“At the moment we are a bit out of step,” he explains. So we can not treat major infections, because logically for the treatment of infectious diseases you need 7 to 10 days of treatment. “

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MSF is working on these difficulties. On Friday, a cargo plane landed … Dr. Raphaël from Médecins Sans Frontières brings the medicines received in Saint-Laurent after being sorted and prepared.

“Since Saint-Laurent is one of the most important places in terms of the number of displaced persons, we wanted to work in collaboration with the brothers, who are medical professionals in the care of displaced persons.”

But it is complicated to find medicine in Bouar today, the doctor confirms. “It’s very complicated … even before it was complicated! But today with the closure of the main road. Even the small pharmacies are closed because it is difficult for people to get medicine supplies.”

All the more important supplies in Bouar, which has thousands of vulnerable displaced people …

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