in Bangui, the ICC collects testimonies from victims

The first hearings of the trial of the leaders against Balaka Edouard Ngaïssona and Alfred YekatomRhombot are scheduled for The Hague on 9 February. In the Central African Republic, the International Criminal Court continues to receive the victims of these two alleged perpetrators and carefully records their testimony.

as reported from Bangui,Charlotte cosset

Today, Amina, a member of civil society, and relay between communities and the ICC receive victims for registration of their case.

“It is up to us to see if the victim meets the criteria. If so, we will check the date. We will put the place and who is responsible in the eyes of the victim. There are many, we started this work already a year ago. Sometimes it is not easy, sometimes the victims do not want to go into the process. I was also a victim, so I decided to come and help the victims because I got the same things. “

This man has just recorded his testimony. He returned to the Central African Republic just a few months ago after being a refugee for six years in a neighboring country. He lost several family members, his house and his belongings during the conflict.

“I have decided to go to the International Criminal Court so that the perpetrators of what happened to me can respond to justice first and then they will find a solution to my situation as I continue to suffer. I have already gone through many things in my pulpit, in my family. The hardest part has already gone and so now I want to continue the action so that at least there is justice that does not scare me. ”

More than a thousand victims have already been registered in this case. Victims will have the opportunity to participate in the trial through their legal representatives in The Hague.

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