ICC arrest warrant against Noureddine Adam, ex

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Noureddine Adam. The former Seleka number 2 is on trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes committed between April and November 2013 in the Central African Republic. The warrant was issued in January 2019, but has since been kept under seal in hopes of maximizing the chances of arresting him.

as reported from The Hague,Stephanie Maupas

Ex-policeman turned rebel, then a minister and today a refugee. Noureddine Adam is still on the run despite this warrant that was secretly issued against him three and a half years ago. Also despite the fact that UN sanctions theoretically prevent him from traveling. Or Interpol’s red notice.

According to the ICC arrest warrant, he allegedly committed and ordered torture, persecution and cruel treatment. So many war crimes and crimes against humanity committed after the capture of Bangui by Seleka in March 2013 and the fall of François Bozizé.

Under the orders of Noureddine Adam, who became a minister in Michel Djotodia’s government, several men were forcibly imprisoned in the premises of the Central Office for the Suppression of Banditry in Bangui. According to the ICC prosecutor, they would have been targeted because of their supposed support for ex-president Bozizé, also because of their ethnicity and their religion.

Among those said to have carried out his orders are Mahamat said. He is imprisoned in the ICC prison and his trial is set to begin in September. Noureddine Adam is the fifth Central African official to be publicly prosecuted by the court since the beginning of the investigation.

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