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Human Rights Watch once again calls for the release of opponents of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) in Cameroon. They were arrested in September 2020 while at a meeting.

On January 12, a court of appeal in Cameroon rejected the requests for the release of Olivier Bibou Nissack and Alain Fogue Tedom, two members of the country’s largest opposition party, the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) and twenty other members of the MRC. .

For Ilaria Allegrozzi, researcher at Human Rights Watch, the site of opponents Olivier Bibou Nissack and Alain Fogue Tedom is not in jail. “The Cameroonian authorities should immediately release these opposition leaders because they are being held back for their political views, for having exercised their fundamental right to meet peacefully,” she said.

Not the only inmates

Human Rights Watch researcher continues. “Furthermore, they are not the only ones being arbitrarily detained. Hundreds of members and activists of the main opposition party, the MRC, have been detained to this day for purely political reasons since September, when they were arrested during peaceful marches. Among them, in addition, some had been beaten, ill-treated during their arrest and during their detention. Therefore, the Cameroonian authorities must allow the release of these people who are detained in any way. “

And Ilaria Allegrozzi concludes: “We must put an end to the repression of opposition and disagreement. At the same time, I think it is important that there are African, regional organizations and institutions that are not silent about the escalation of repression in Cameroon. And then it is to demand that the Cameroonian authorities respect their human rights obligations ”.


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