high school students participate in the anti-French protest in

The Chadian transitional power has chosen firmness, following the demonstrations on Saturday against France’s involvement in the country’s internal policy. The demonstrations, initially peaceful and at the urging of Wakit Tama, the coalition of associations and political parties that were opposed to the junta, degenerated. On Monday, students joined the protest.

The big schools in Chad’s capital had no lessons on Monday. Very early on, students invaded the streets, chanting slogans that were hostile to France and burning tires as they passed.

The protests have reached the provinces. The cities of Abeché, Ati and Oum-Hadjer registered damage to petrol stations with the French oil company Total’s trademark. Who has announced that they will file a report against X for destruction of property.

Four out of five opinion leaders was arrested on Saturday after the first acts of vandalism was put before the prosecutor on Monday. Among them are a lawyer, the general secretary of the largest trade union and a former minister. Wakit Tama’s spokesman, Me Max Loalngar, also called by the police, did not show up.

The president of the Transitional Military Council, Mahamat Idriss Deby, used the monthly security meeting on Monday to call for more firmness against the thugs, who he said were undermining the government’s efforts to maintain peace.

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