General Djadjidja placed under house arrest

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Since Journalist revelations about the Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana affair, a Congolese army officer based in the east has been asked to stay in Kinshasa. According to a senior security source, General Zelwa Katanga, known as “Djadjidja”, is even under house arrest pending the completion of the military judicial investigation into his alleged role in this double murder and attempts to conceal it.

With our special correspondent in Kinshasa, Sonia Rolley

General Djadjidja did not come to Kinshasa more than two weeks ago to answer for his alleged role in the Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana affair. Based in Kisangani, he was to be heard as part of an investigation into the crashes of two military helicopters in late December in Ituri and Tshopo, a senior security source explains.

General Djadjidja is therefore present in Kinshasa when Journalist witnesses mention his name. According to these members of the command responsible for killing the two members of the NGO Voix des sans Voices, it is because of General Djadjidja that the body of Fidèle Bazana was buried. That’s a surprise.

So far, the civilian parties believed that Fidèle Bazana was buried on land belonging to General John Numbi, the police inspector. Ten days ago, formally one of the lawyers representing them complaint against General Djadjidjaunlike the other alleged perpetrators whose names are quoted by Journalist.

So far, placing General Djadjidja under house arrest is only a disciplinary measure. According to a source in the field of military justice, he is not being prosecuted for nothing at this time. But he has a new prosecutor: Jacques Migabo, the last member of the command who has been arrested in Lubumbashi. According to the senior security source who was arrested with Bakata Katanga after the attack last weekend, Jacques Migabo is fully cooperating today with the justice system.

Asked by Journalist before the release of his investigation, Jadjidja had denied the allegations, saying they were pure lies.

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