French beverage giant Castel is accused of complicity

The snare tightens around the French beverage giant Castel. A preliminary investigation was launched on Wednesday, June 29, in Paris against the group that since last year has been accused of complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity in CAR. Accusations stemming from a report by the NGO The Sentry accusing Castel of making deals with a Central African rebel group to protect its infrastructure in exchange for logistical support.

Despite the denials from the Castel group, The security guard’s report was not buried, far from it. This time, the prosecutor has launched an investigation and will officially be able to investigate the sulfur case with the French giant.

The NGOs who uncovered the scandal were “pleased” with this progress and said that these investigations “should make it possible to highlight the possible responsibilities of companies and individuals, especially French, in committing extremely serious crimes”.

On the business side, we stay sober. Castel simply says “take note” while ensuring “full and complete cooperation with justice”.

“Attempt to destabilize” The Sentry report, released in August 2021, revealed that the SUCAF RCA sugar refinery, which belongs to the Castel group, had wanted to protect its monopoly in the Central African Republic by negotiating with the UPC armed group, but was still accused of several abuses. . An “arrangement” in which the rebels secured his factory and his sugar cane field, in exchange for which SUCAF RCA financed the militia through direct or natural payments.

Following the revelations, an internal ethics committee was seized. Today, Me Pierre-Olivier Sur, one of the group’s lawyers, explains that his conclusions “completely invalidated the allegations in the report”. The latter condemns “anonymous witnesses hiding in the NGO investigation”, an “attempt to destabilize” and promises a “trial in defamatory statement”.

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