former Top Minister Pahimi Padacket Albert

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Former Prime Minister Pahimi Padacket Albert is running for president for the second time on April 11.

After second place in 2011former Prime Minister launches for the second time in the race by condemning the systematic repression of any voice opposed to power, and calls for a change in the head of state and promises President Idriss Déby a pension without problems.

“For several months we have witnessed a continuous deterioration of the social climate and demonstrations each time suppressed, followed by arrests. This situation must challenge the collective and individual conscience of the powerful and our people. For RNDT-Le Réveil, the answer can be summed up in one sentence: to ensure the Chadian people a free, transparent and inclusive presidential election so that a peaceful exchange can take place. Chad and the Chadian people have suffered too much from the violence. ”

During this very political Saturday in Chad, a former minister, Mahamat Adoum, who joined the opposition, was also invested as a presidential candidate on April 11 by the National Republican Party, his political formation.


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