for the primary time rebels from the CPC

Bangui was attacked by armed insurgency. The CPC was formed in mid-December and began a descent towards the capital with the aim of preventing the electoral process, but also with the possible goal of taking the capital. Authorities have repeatedly condemned the armed coalition’s desire to overthrow the regime. For the first time, the coalition attacked the capital.

as reported from Bangui, Charlotte Cosset

A new decree was announced on Wednesday night, which led to a curfew throughout the area from kl. 20 to kl. 18 and until kl. An additional security measure after the attacks on the capital.

The elements of the armed coalition targeted a vehicle from Minusca under patrol at the northern exit of the capital very early Wednesday morning. What marked the beginning of the hostilities. At the same time, armed men tried to cross the PK9 bridge at the western entrance to Bangui.

By the end of Wednesday afternoon, the situation was calm in the city center, but shots were still heard in the distance. La Minusca assured in the late afternoon that the sweeping operations continued.

Minusca condemns

The fight, which left at least 30 dead on the side of the attackers, the prime minister said. La Minusca lamented the loss of a peacekeeping man and condemned the “unacceptable targets” of the CPC rebels.

“They are trying to starve the people, they have created a humanitarian drama, indignant Vladimir Monteiro, spokesman for Minusca in Bangui. So we, our strategy is to stand up in Bangui as elsewhere, we have done that in other areas. And we will continue to do so as we continue our peace efforts with all the actors involved. Immediately after the election, armed groups were urged to stop being violent and respect their commitments to the peace agreement. This strategy is the right one. Theirs is unacceptable. ”

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Médecins Sans Frontières spoke and condemned the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in the country. The organization urges all armed groups to respect health structures, ambulances, medical staff and patients.


But these simultaneous offensives raise questions. How is it explained that the CPC rebels, despite their presence along with the Central African Armed Forces in Minusca, Russians and Rwandans were able to launch a series of attacks on Wednesday at Bangui’s gates?

“It seems that the rebels are in greater capacity than one might have initially thought,” analyzes Hans de Marie Heungoup, a researcher for the International Crisis Group. Or at least that they know how to use their knowledge of the terrain and their experience of fighting in the Central African Republic to bypass official or bilateral forces. For example, we have already seen in Damara and Boali that the rebels had known how to use the transhuman routes to take back the bilateral forces that support the Central African government. ”

However, these paths are complex to monitor for the Central African forces and their allies, the researcher notes. “It seems that it is difficult for these players to have good visibility, even from the air coverage on these different runways. There are a limited number of air assets and it is difficult to set aside all these air assets solely for monitoring. And even if Minusca did, it probably could not have total surveillance of the entire transhuman traces of the various routes created after the whims of the various rebel groups. “

Residents of the Bimbo district in shock


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