for ex-rebel Baba Laddé is the political-military

For Abdelkader Mahamat alias Baba Laddé, this postponement will affect the duration of the transition. This meeting, which was originally scheduled for 10 May, was postponed to a later date due to a lack of agreement in the pre-Doha dialogue. Baba Laddé, who fought against Idriss Deby Itno long before joining him, raised the issue for the military junta led by Mahamat Idriss Deby.

Baba Laddé believes that it is up to the military transitional council, the ruling junta, to remain at the helm of the country after the first 18 months. For the former rebel leader now gathered to the Chadian power, the pre-dialogue in Doha between the transitional government and the political-military movements should have focused solely on the organization of their participation in the inclusive national dialogue.

But their demands, which he considers unreasonable, especially the demands for a ceasefire and other amnesties for prisoners of war, have been delayed the whole crisis resolution process“They were given a chance by the PCMT, the chairman of the Transitional Military Council … It’s their fault, for Doha we do not even think it would last for a week. It was an agreement in principle that they had to give for their participation in Ndjamena for the inclusive national dialogue, but if we are already moving towards one month, two months, we will say whose fault is it? “

The consequence for the former rebel leader, the extension of the transition period expected to end in December this year against Chad, is their thing, Baba Laddé insists: “Sincerely, their delay in Doha will extend the transition further, as it would automatically be independent of To whom will we leave Chad? These men, these soldiers are in front of us today, they secure us, they stabilize the country, it is not for them, not just for their families, but for everyone.

The ball is now in the court of the politico-military, said Baba Laddé, now Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Public Security, after losing her post as head of the General Intelligence Service in February last year.

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