Finansinspektionen responds to statements

The former prime minister had mentioned the debacle in Bukanga Lonzo agro-industrial park. Far from being relentless, Jules Alingete rather confirms that the information in his report is true.

The investigation, says the financial inspector, had been requested by the former Prime Minister himself. To say otherwise today is to try to distract the IGF from its mission, which is to track down economic criminals.

The accusations of the level of opinion of the political class have already been blamed on former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo. It is for this reason that he had wanted Finansinspektionen to be able to investigate the facts. The work was carried out, according to the rules of art, and the conclusions had been set in a contradictory way. Mr Augustin Matata Ponyo was informed of everything. The figures provided by the General Financial Supervision Authority are documented by supporting documents and I can confirm that the Democratic Republic of Congo lost $ 287 million in this project of Bukanga Lonzo agro-industrial park.

Jules Alingete, Financial Controller

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