Felix Tshisekedi condemns a disinformation campaign

Congolese head of state Félix Tshisekedi spoke for the first time on Saturday 30 July about anti-MONUSCO demonstrations organized this week in Goma, Butembo and Uvira, where a dozen people, including civilians and members of military and police personnel from UN mission, was killed.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

During the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Saturday, the Congolese head of state regretted the deaths and injuries. He called for calm, asked the interior minister to carefully supervise the demonstrations and condemned a disinformation campaign.

In particular, Félix Tshisekedi said he was waiting for the first results of the investigations that start next week. For this purpose, some members of the government were sent to Goma. The Congolese head of state and his entourage believe that “manipulation” is behind this violence. He condemns these enemies of the Republic, who raise the specter of the withdrawal of Monusco, “not out of love for the Congo, but to serve their interests”. Among the solutions to reduce this tension, he advocated appropriate communication to combat misinformation.

Faced with the situation, some ministers and those close to the head of state do not hesitate to point out that Paul Kagame, the Rwandan head of state, accused of supporting M23 in the region, is more hostile to Monusco’s presence in the region. the region.

To members of the government, Félix Tshisekedi reminded that the history of cooperation with Monusco is not only full of failures, but also “many successes”. As a result, he is keen to honor his country’s obligations to the UN Security Council. Thus, he declared that he particularly followed the UN mission’s gradual and staggered withdrawal plan by 2024.

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