ex-militia people leave the demobilization camp

In North Kivu, several hundred former combatants from armed groups have left the Mubambiro camp, about twenty kilometers from Goma, to, they say, return to their village. They were confined to this demobilization camp with a view to their reintegration into society or the army. But the 4th Community Disarmament, Demobilization, Recovery and Stabilization Program is slow to materialize.

To denounce hunger and lack of care, almost 500 former militiamen from armed groups have left the Mubambiro camp. They had been waiting there for several months, along with more than a thousand other men, for the beginning of the process of societal or military reintegration that was promised after their demobilization.

But the 4th DDRCS (Disarmament, Demobilization, Community Recovery and Stabilization) program is still not operational, one year after its launch of Tommy Tambweits coordinator.

In the DRC, the amalgamation of the structures that oversaw the former DDR programs took time. And the donors, who are cold about the appointment of this former warlord, do not agree with the Congolese authorities or among themselves about the local community reintegration programs, the contours of which are still unclear.

One of the problems is that donors don’t really seem to be aware of what should be community integration, reintegration. They do not agree with each other.

Christoph Vogel, researcher at the University of Ghent

Meanwhile, the former rebels are growing impatient. It is not the first time that some have left a demobilization camp. Mubambiro are not surrounded by any wall and they circulate freely. It is hard to say now whether they will return to their village when they claim or join the armed groups. Some, meanwhile, would return to the camp.

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