DRC launches tender and defends against

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has auctioned 27 oil blocks and three gas blocks. The international tenders were officially launched on Thursday 21 July in Kinshasa, despite opposition from some international NGOs such as Greenpeace, who fear an ecological disaster.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

In April last year, Greenpeace thus pleaded with Kinshasa to abandon the exploitation of the fossil resources in its soil, both in order not to emit more greenhouse gases, but alsoto preserve the forest as much as possible Congolese, one of the lungs of the planet.

The ambition of the Congolese state is to join the nations that have made their hydrocarbon wealth the real spearhead of their economy. The Congolese government thus does not want education on pollution and ensures that environmental standards are respected.

Eve Bazaiba, Congolese deputy prime minister, with responsibility for environment and sustainable development, faced the press in Kinshasa on Saturday 31 July: “We are not going to exploit it wildly. We will operate it according to the new technology, current technological standards, because we will not be the first, she defended. Gabon has been exploiting oil in the forest for 50 years now. The extraction of oil continues in the same way in Norway and Sweden, two major donor countries in the fight against global warming. It does not bother humanity. For us too, it will not hinder humanity. It won’t even get us 10% more pollution in Africa. We won’t even get there. All we need today when we launch tenders is to have the technological expertise to operate in accordance with international standards for the protection of the environment. After the tenders, those who will bid, and if we succeed in concluding agreements, there will be upstream environmental and social impact studies. And if I find it not correct, there will be no notice of no objection. »

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