demonstration hostile to France at the request of the coalition

In Chad, a demonstration against France took place this morning, Saturday, May 15, at the request of the opposition coalition Wakit Tama. The demonstration was invaded by high school students who stopped attacking the symbols of France.

as reported from Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

Whistles or even motorcycle horns sounded along the road for almost 3 km. The signs read: “No to France”, “France is coming out”.

Hundreds of high school students joined the procession, perched on motorcycles. The procession even tried to pass the roundabout where the march would end. But some tear gas canisters forced them to withdraw.

In the end, no one spoke out because of the crowd, but Wakit Tama’s spokesman said he was proud of the mobilization. I Max Loalngar: “What happened warmed our hearts. We thought we were crazy. This is the first time we have had so many rallies. There were traders, associations, but you also saw that my brothers in the north were perhaps more than we who wear trousers, but the Chadian people as a whole were there.

At the end of the demonstration, groups of young people attacked several Total stations across the capital.

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It should be noted that the party Les Transformateurs, led by Succès Masra, distances itself from this demonstration at the request of Wakit Tama. He said in a press release that we must fight against injustice and the political system in Chad.

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