debate on Jeannine Mabunda’s review of

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the National Assembly will be in extraordinary session from Tuesday 5 January. During this session, the deputies elect the new office to replace the office headed by Jeannine Mabunda, which was rejected for mismanagement. Before this deadline, two parliamentarians are examining Jeannine Mabunda’s action as chair of the National Assembly.

as reported from Kinshasa, Commander Muzembe Commander

For Deputy Coco Mulongo from UDPS Jeannine Mabunda simply mismanaged the National Assembly: “Mrs Mabunda did not know how to keep the National Assembly’s accounts. I think the FCC-Cach coalition has given too much power to Mrs Mabunda. She forgot that the moral authority, Joseph Kabila, was no longer president of the republic. Mrs Mabunda has been several times in disagreement with the President of the Republicand even with his government. She did not know how to name our assistants. ”

Dhédhé Mupasa of the Alliance for Democracy for Progress and Renewal noted several positive points in this leadership: “We have not had many slips or conflicts with the government. Overall, I can say that she was a good person, but that she was abused in a changing environment. The political behavior was as if it was always the FCC that was in the majority and ruled alone. In a political and coalition change, it has not been unworthy. “

Several members of the FCC, close to Jeannine Mabunda, refused to speak. The former Speaker of the National Assembly has not even spoken publicly since her inauguration. According to the interim office, she is abroad for medical treatment after a traffic accident.


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