deaths in Uvira on the sidelines of a demonstration against

Condemnations of violence and calls for calm are rising in the international community and in the Congolese political class after two days of demonstrations against Monusco installations that left 15 dead in North Kivu. For now, there is calm in Goma, Butembo and Beni, where the Congolese security forces have been reinforced. On the other hand, incidents broke out in Uvira in South Kivu.

In Goma and Butembo, where 12 protesters and three members of the UN mission – one peacekeeper and two UN police officers – were killed on Tuesday 26 July, businesses remain closed but traffic has resumed. Congolese police have increased their surveillance and the governor of North Kivu has banned all demonstrations on public roads in the province. This Wednesday there are a few rallies and barricades in Saké, about twenty kilometers from Goma. Congolese police used tear gas.

In the neighboring province of South Kivu, the people of Uvira gathered this morning in front of the Monusco headquarters, despite the mayor’s ban. Four protesters were electrocuted when power lines fell. Monusco denies having fired the slightest warning shot that could have caused this accident.

Attacks on peacekeepers were strongly condemned by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres overnight, calling on Congolese authorities to shed light on what may constitute war crimes. In the DRC, calls for calm are increasing.

The President of the Congolese Senate, Modeste Bahati Lukwebowhich had previously invited Monusco to leave the country, “prohibits and condemns with the greatest energy any act of violence committed against UN installations”.

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