deaths during demonstrations against the installations of

On Monday, the meetings degenerated into a search and looting of the UN mission’s premises. This Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the Congolese authorities regret five dead and fifty wounded. The situation remains very confused.

It is still difficult to understand the exact circumstances of the deaths in Goma. The Congolese police and army have been trying since Monday to disperse the protesterswhile Monusco fired warning shots.

The first deaths were announced in a tweet by the government spokesman. Patrick Muyaya also promised a joint press conference with the deputy head of the UN mission on “the human and material toll and consequences of these demonstrations”.

Since yesterday, hundreds of people have surrounded the headquarters and logistics base of the UN mission in Goma, Monusco, which they consider ineffective in the fight against armed groups in the eastern part of the country. Tires and plastic burned in front of the gate on Monday, the demonstration turned into a search and looting of the premises.

The Congolese authorities have condemned any attack against UN personnel and installations. The demonstrations had been banned by the mayor of the city of Goma, Monusco recalls. But the youth of the UDPS, the presidential party, had encouraged them, while two weeks ago, president of the senate had called on Monusco to “pack up”, in an already very tense climate.

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