controversy surrounding François Bozizé’s candidacy for president

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The National Electoral Commission (ANE) has just announced that the submission of candidate files for the presidential and legislative elections on 27 December will take place between 1 and 10 November. This prompted the KNK party of former President François Bozizé to want to poke “in” while his candidacy is the subject of controversy between the presidential camp and the opposition through the media.

Some do not hesitate to ask questions the justification of the former president recalling that the election code obliges each candidate to present “a certificate attesting to the presidential candidate’s residence or residence in the national territory for at least one year”, explaining that François Bozizé has returned from his 7-year-old exile in mid-December 2019 when we saw him in Bangui. His party therefore stepped up to the plate on Friday with a statement.

This is a “clarification operation” according to the Secretary-General of François Bozizé’s Kwa na kwa party. He accuses the presidential camp of seeking for months to acknowledge the idea that their master has arrived in the Central African Republic on 15 December 2019, that is, out of time to be a presidential candidate. But nuance, this date corresponds to his arrival in the capital Bangui, confirms Jean-Eudes Teya, who seeks to dampen on this ground.

The Electoral Code does not talk about a stay in Bangui, but in the Central African Republic, and CAR is not limited to Bangui. There are other elements of opposition who, when the time comes, will prove that President Bozizé was on national territory long before that date. “

But neither President Faustin-Archange Touadéra nor any member of the MCU’s presidential party tried to prevent it. returns to the land of François Bozizé, assures his spokesman, Evariste Ngamana. At no point did either the president or his party prevent his return. The proof is that he has returned to the country, that he is circulating. To me, these are unfounded accusations. Those who say so only need to present evidence. We are in the fighting order, our party is structured. We are ready to go to the polls. ”

And to insist “the MCU party is not afraid of anyone”. The KNK’s Secretary General reminds him that “one of the conditions for peace is inclusivity”.

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