contrasting reactions after the consultation ahead of the presidential election

Political actors and civil society met on 25-27 November in Madingou, southern Congo, to calm the climate ahead of the 2021 presidential election. They agreed, among other things, to maintain the use of the single vote and to carry out a revision of the electoral rolls. If these results seem to satisfy the government, the opposition believes that they have more or less been introduced.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loïcia Martial

In front of about 150 delegates called to this consultation, the government, through its Minister of the Interior, Raymond Zéphirin Mboulou, pledged to apply all the conclusions to the letter.

“The government will do everything to give a positive and dynamic content to what has just been agreed,” the minister explained. Let’s work together to do so. Our point will be played with the demands dictated by our duty and our commitment to serve the republic. Be careful, my dear brothers. “

Minister Mboulou emphasized in particular that it is the duty of politicians to build a peaceful republic now and for the future.

“You destroy what we have been able to do together”

The results of Madingou’s consultation do not seem to satisfy the opposition. Its leader Pascal Tsaty Mabiala made some concessions by commenting on the work in the House just before the publication of the final press release. For him, the conclusions from Brazzaville were drawn by the organizers of the consultation. “You’re destroying what we could do together,” he stormed.

In Madingou, it was also agreed to introduce a mechanism to avoid duplication between the special lists of law enforcement officials and the general electoral lists.

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