Congo-Brazzaville: The plant fair for a greener economy

At the initiative of the Congolese Ministry of Forestry, Brazzaville will host the fourth edition of the plant fair until the end of November. This fair is still called the meeting place for green hands and is an exhibition for gardeners who sell fruit trees, medicinal plants and forest species, to the delight of the planters. The results from previous editions are very flattering.

The courtyard of the Ministry of Forestry is like a forest that is starting to grow. The recent rains help nurseries keep their plants in good condition. In the middle of his nursery called Le Végétatif, agronomist Edouard Massengo has set up a small table where he prepares the invoices for those who buy these plants. His first bill for the day is very interesting. I made an invoice after delivering 20 kalabash-shaped avocado trees, 15 mandarin trees, ten better lemon trees, five Tommy mango trees, ten Malaysian salads (…). That means a total bill of 199,000 FCFA. “

Lovers of arboriculture, Christian Sahir visited the fair and did not leave empty-handed. “I could buy a grafted mango tree. I saw lemon trees, orange trees and coconut trees. So there are a variety of plants that are only available at this fair. ”

Rosine Ngampio Akouala is a green shirt that is well dressed and runs the point of sale for the National Reforestation Service (SNR) where she offers essential oils. “These are oils made from eucalyptus citrodora. It is both an anti-inflammatory and a rheumatism. They repel flies and mosquitoes. It perfumes. They make the tension stable, whether it is hyper or hypo. “

The fourth edition of the plant fair was motivated by the positive results recorded in the three previous editions, according to the report presented by François Mankessi, Head of Technical Activities at Pronar, the national program for afforestation and reforestation.

“Since the construction fair was launched, we have had 18,584 visitors to the website for 4,165 buyers, then 39,416 purchased facilities. And the total revenue for these first three editions amounts to more than 45 million 800000FCFA, Mankessi says in detail.

The organizers’ ambition is to expand the fair to other parts of the country in the future to make it a national event.


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