Congo-Brazzaville: soon a second Pointe Noire refinery

Congo-Brazzaville will have a second refinery in the city of Pointe Noire, thanks to a financing agreement signed with the Chinese company Beijing Fortune Dingheng. With a capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year, the project aims to cover national needs and make Congo an exporter of refined products. But the experts call for good governance and especially respect for the environment.

It is difficult to find kerosene at petrol stations in Brazzaville. Some stations have even removed the delivery pumps for this product. The Congolaise de raffinage (Coraf), the first operational refinery since 1982, covers only 70% of the country’s needs, which will start construction of a second refinery.

Alphonse Obami, Assignment Advisor in charge of downstream oil at the Ministry of Hydrocarbons: “In our estimation, it is very likely that work on this second refinery will begin in the first quarter of 2021.”

Alphonse Obami explains the reasons that drive the authorities to set up this second refinery. “It is to meet the growing needs of our industry and the growing needs of our population for fuels.” She could play a bigger role. “We are calm, we will export petroleum products to the sub-region, and why not in the world market.”

The amount of the financing agreement for this flexible refinery, which will be located in Pointe-Noire’s special economic zone, has not been revealed. Its properties were presented by Sen Shao, a representative of the Chinese company: “The company plans to install a refinery that will have a nominal refining capacity of 2,500,000 tons / year. The typical model is that of a modular refinery whose end products will mainly be higher quality petrol and gas oils, liquefied petroleum gases, light fuel oils and lamp oils, says Shao.

Christian Mounzéo, National Coordinator of the “Publish What You Pay” campaign, for its part, remains concerned about governance and environmental management: In addition, we must not forget that there is a reputation for Asian companies, especially Chinese ones, which in a way are not particularly interested in environmental issues.

In terms of refining, Congo officially uses only 10% of its oil production, estimated at between 300,000 and 350,000 barrels per day.


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