Congo-Brazzaville: exits from incubators, small and medium-sized enterprises

Impulse, Guarantee and Support Fund (FIGA) was founded a year ago with the aim of contributing to the diversification of the Congolese economy and has just left its incubator some fifty companies trained in the departments of Bouenza and Niari (southern). These are just waiting for funding to speed up their business.

From our special correspondent at Dolisie,

Graying hair, suit without tie, Pascal Mboungou took place in the conference room of the prefecture of Niari in Dolisie. He came to take his diploma at the end of his education. He is one of about fifty project managers promoted by FIGA.

His project is ambitious: “Our idea is to create an integrated agropastoral farm; a farm where we will have a large pig farm. We will also have vegetable production. Of course, pig farming will necessarily require us to produce our own animal feed. So we have to expand to the production of corn in order to produce our own animal feed, ”explains Pascal Mboungou.

Pending funding. Séverin Malonda leaves Kimongo, 70 kilometers from Dolisie, on a difficult road, and has been responsible for a goat breeding project for seven years. But he is far from happy with the results so far.

“The amount was very small (initially). We had just bought four small animals. The first year we had experienced a small failure because there were stillborn animals. Today we are on 30 heads. That is insufficient. We are not yet in the sales phase, but in the multiplication period. We need a large quantity, at least 1,000 animals, to start selling, ”says Malonda.

From FIGA, these project managers expect significant funding. Armel Fridolin Bouloukoué, CEO of FIGA, tries to calm them down. “They have completed their education. We helped them develop business plans that are bankable. So they will get credit for developing their businesses. Loans will be granted immediately because we set the guarantee (to the banks) of up to 80%. They will to work, FIGA will accompany them and we will tour in Congo “, he promises.

Show the example and the way for others To avoid losses of agricultural products after harvest, Diane Huguette Mboungou began processing. She has not benefited from FIGA training and she does not expect funding from this institution either. She just hopes her turn comes.

“FIGA is a welcome project for us. It could enable us to implement and strengthen our project to transform agricultural products in abundance. Especially during the tomato season, it rots in Dolisie,” says Diane Huguette Mboungou.

The Minister for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo, urges future borrowers to show responsibility, effort and perseverance, to show the example and the way for others.

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