Colonel Cikapa denies ordering uniforms

The trial of François Beya, the former “security chief” of the head of state, resumed on Friday in the Makala Central Prison, beginning with the appearances of the accused. Judges are trying to understand the charges against François Beya, who has been charged with “conspiracy” and “crimes” against President Félix Tshisekedi, as well as four co-defendants including his assistant, two army commanders and a senior police commissioner. . The debate was hot between the prosecutor and Colonel David Cikapa, François Beya’s chief of protocol. This man is accused of ordering military uniforms in Belgium.

For Colonel David Cikapa Mokili, it’s a completely fabricated affair. He said he never ordered or bought the three military suits in Belgium. He wanted to be determined by saying that he never received an order from François Beya to do so. “It’s a gift from a friend who lives in France,” he said.

He even revealed his friend’s contact details to the court and said he was ready to have him testify. The accused officer – who has not yet received his package – challenged the military prosecutor to prove the opposite, by presenting the purchase order and invoice. One disadvantage: no report had been drawn up during the seizure for several months, which created doubts on the part of the defense.

It is therefore before the Supreme Court that the military prosecutor, who still maintains his charges, revealed the effects seized from the freighter consisting of 5 uniforms, while in the indictment he mentioned “3 uniforms, three vests including a bulletproof vest, a backpack, a military polo shirt, a pair of boots and two belts ”.

For the lawyers and after checking on the bench, these are simple clothes that are sold in all stores and that have no brand or resemblance to the clothes of the Congolese security forces. They also criticized the prosecutor’s work, which in their opinion is sloppy, because the instruction, they add, focused on improbable assumptions.

François Beya was not heard. He still called several people to appear as witnesses in his case. These include the head of the National Intelligence Service (ANR), the head of migration, the head of civil aviation, a businesswoman and three senior officials of the national police. The hearing was adjourned until Tuesday.

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