COGEP recommends revision of mining contracts, as follows

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Coalition for Governance of Public Enterprises (COGEP) recommends a revision of all mining contracts concluded since 2009. According to it, some transfers are irregular and irrational. The coalition is also talking about serious signs of embezzlement, recommendations addressed to the Congolese authorities.

as reported from Kinshasa,Kamanda Wa Kamanda Muzembe

Two partnership contracts – Metalkol and Evelyne Investment – have revealed irregular and irrational divestments of mining assets, say COGEP officials who analyzed the two companies.

They discovered serious signs of embezzlement, corruption and underlined the loss of state revenue. They involve Gécamine’s leaders and political leaders.

For COGEP, it is therefore important to order a revision of all mining contracts entered into from 2009 to today, which will make it possible to verify the correctness of their procedures and justify their contract terms, the coalition’s statement explains. And Parliament will need to set up a commission to investigate the allegations in state-owned enterprises.

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The Coalition for Good Governance of Public Enterprises is asking civil society to become a whistleblower if administrative irregularities are observed in the mining sector.

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