coalition leader Wakit Tama jailed

Like five other leaders of the coalition already imprisoned, he is charged with destruction of property and disturbance of public order. The trial is set for June 6, prompting lawyers to go on strike to demand their release. Meanwhile, on Thursday, May 19, Wakit Tama held its first General Assembly since March, May 14, to present its version of facts before what they call “a speech by the responsible authorities.”

as reported from Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

On the menu for the discussions, the authorities’ silence in the face of what Wakit Tama calls “police mistakes”, take the example of a teenager who lost his hand after the explosion of a tear gas canister.

“Did we let it go to accuse Wakit Tama?” Another topic was discussed, the stations in the French group Total vandalized. Acts that took place after the demonstration, according to Wakit Tama spokeswoman Soumaine Adoum: “There were three stations that were broken down without police intervention. But why did not the police secure those places? Did we allow Wakit Tama to be charged? Let us establish the facts. If it was “Wakit Tama, who organized it, just caught a thug and asked him to give him the order to do so. We are surprised that the police are not even doing this work.”

For his part, government spokesman Abderamane Koulamallah sends the ball back to Wakit Tama’s camp: “When organizing a march, it is normal for you to take all precautions to monitor your own demonstration. They did not report overflow drains to the police so that the police could stop these overflows and on the contrary, it was they themselves who facilitated these outbreaks of ulterior motives that only they can understand. Everyone must take responsibility. “

Protests continue pending trial of the six imprisoned leaders, Wakit Tama claims that he continues to protest against French politics in Chad. The coalition demands a boycott of French products in the country.

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