civil society organizations are formed for elections

In the Central African Republic, the deadline is fast approaching. And if all actors are active in organizing the presidential and legislative elections, civil society, for its part, is also preparing through education like those in Minusca. She wants to be ready to play her role in this second election since the 2013 crisis.

as reported from Bangui, Charlotte cosset

They are reunited, studious, this Saturday morning, November 21st. study of the election law, revisions of the organization of institutions and about the function of the election process, threats to the vote such as spreading false news … The program is varied.

“In my opinion, this education is welcome because we are in a period of turbulence. During this time, my role as a civil society is to talk to my peers. We must agree on a behavior to adopt during this period and until after the election. That’s where I’m built. This means that I myself can try to ban a certain number of behaviors where I recognized myself, ”specifies Nzama Joseph, a member of the Pijka Association, an interfaith platform for Central African youth.

For his part, Félicité Kongana, chair of the network of African women ministers and parliamentarians, takes his task very seriously.

“We want to learn everything precisely because we need it. Awareness manuals, how to contact people in the field, how to organize in the polling stations, how to check these polling stations on D-Day. It is very important to be able to be in the field, be dynamic, efficient and transparent, especially because here the success of these choices is at stake for our country’s future, she emphasizes.

Civil society organizations have an important role to play in this process, especially as observers and intermediaries with the population.

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