civil society is concerned despite the calming tone of

One week after the discovery of a leak equivalent to about 300,000 barrels of oil at a Perenco plant at the Cap Lopez terminal, the Franco-British group and the Gabonese authorities confirmed that the situation was “completely under control”. But civil society organizations are still skeptical.

says the government that no marine pollution has not been observed so far. However, Georges Mpaga from Gabon’s network of NGOs (ROLBG) does not agree. He noted the presence of oil stains in the water at the sites of Oba and Moba, in the department of Etimboué:

“The Moba station is flooded with tens of tons of hydrocarbons spreading around the forest. There are mangrove forests nearby, so a major disaster is looming on the horizon.”

For Vianney-Presley Madzou, communications adviser to the Minister of Petroleum, Gas and Mines, there is no risk: “Every step has been taken to try to stop this. Cases of pollution, when this happens, it is the administration of hydrocarbons that is seized, the administration of the environment that is seized and there are missions on the ground and we wait for the reports from these missions, then we decide. “

Perenco is regularly questioned for its oil operations. The latest leak has touched on Cape Lopez and the authorities claim that the storage vessels have avoided the worst, but Nicaise Moulombi, head of the Healthy Environment Growth Organization, is skeptical:

The total group, which sold at the time of the sale, had warned the buyer that there was a fault in this tank. Why did this buyer not want to renovate this tank?

The NGOs condemn the obsolescence of the Franco-British group’s equipment and demand that it be raised to international standards.

“Lies” This new leak was discovered when Perenco is currently already being sued by NGOs, including Gabon’s Network of Free Governance Organizations (ROLBG), for repeated pollution at its production facilities.

According to Georges Mpaga, president of Gabon’s network of NGOs (ROLBG), Perenco “does not acknowledge the facts and minimizes” by claiming “lies”. ROLBG is concerned about the consequences of this new pollution.

Georges Mpaga, chairman of ROLBG, worries about new leaks and that Perenco “minimizes” them

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