civil society in Kolwezi reacts after the violence in

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, civil society in Kolwezi is reacting to the slippages of the “zero perpetrators” police operation this week in the streets of the city, the capital of the province of Lualaba, in the south-east of the country.

“Zero Perpetrator” police operation has killed at least 3 people in Kolwezi. It turned into an indiscriminate collection of criminals, homeless and young people who are now claimed by their families. Hundreds of them were taken to the Kanyama Kasese Rehabilitation Centre.

“There would be three confirmed dead, but the families continue to claim so many missing that we don’t know how to find,” explains Me Schadrack Mukad End Naw, the president and spokesperson of the Civil Society Consultation Framework in Lualaba province. in Kolwezi. People were tortured, mistreated, even two minors. They were in police jeeps like animals, they were whipped and that is unacceptable. They talk about “hunting” criminals, but it is in crime that the police operate. For the sake of social peace, for justice, we should return people and children to their families.

“Civil society demands an objective investigation, an independent investigation to restore their responsibility to sanction anyone in the police chain of command who has been found responsible for these landslides and these serious human rights violations that we have seen in the city.”

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