change in the management of the hydrocarbon company,

Change at the helm of the Chad Hydrocarbons Company: Two new CEOs were appointed following a financial scandal involving their predecessors. The two men who operated the flagship of the country’s economy were arrested on Friday, June 17, on suspicion of having sucked tens of billions of CFA francs from the company’s accounts.

as reported from Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

The general manager of the Chad Hydrocarbons Company and his deputy were arrested on Friday by the intelligence service. According to our information, the many cash withdrawals that have been made for several months in the company’s accounts have received attention. The services then set up close monitoring.

It was very quickly established that the funds converted into currency took other destinations.

The investigation has not yet been completed, but the amount stolen is estimated at between 20 and 40 billion CFA francs. A foreigner, head of a bank and employees of the company are among the suspects.

While waiting for the case to be handed over to a judge, two new officials have been appointed Chad Hydrocarbons Company. This is Eric Ndoassal, an oil specialist who has worked internationally. He is assisted by Zakaria Saboun Abakar Sawa who is a business leader. Before his appointment, he was operations manager in an oil field in the northwestern country.

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