Central African rebel leader Abdoulaye Miskine in front

The trial of Abdoulaye Miskine and three members of the Central African Rebellion began on Friday 29 July. The leader and founder of the armed group Democratic Front of the Central African People (FDPC) and his companions were arrested in October 2019. Since then they have been imprisoned in Chad, which refuses to extradite them to the Central African Republic. Among other things, they are accused of “creating a rebel movement”.

as reported from Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

The start of a speedy trial for Abdoulaye Miskine’s lawyers and his three companions. They explain that the hearing lasted less than an hour in Klessoum prison, where their clients are detained, and they say that the substantive issues, namely the charges, were not addressed.

Lawyers initially sought statutory release for the Central African rebel leader and his three men. According to them, the period of deprivation of liberty is not observed and has largely been exceeded. A request that the prosecution opposes. The latter is asking for continued detention for fear of disturbances to public order in the event of the release of the rebels.

Creation of a rebel movement, rape, assassination, torture… The judges should rule next week. Abdoulaye Miskine and his three companions are being prosecuted to create an insurrectionary movement, rape, assassination, torture or kidnapping.

Arrested in October 2019, they were never extradited to the Central African Republic. According to security sources, Chad wants to bring justice to some of its nationals who were allegedly victims of Abdoulaye Miskine’s rebel movement during the Central African crisis.

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